Non-Transplant Tissue Banks for Medical Research, Training & Tissue Procurement

When it comes to medical research and development and surgical training, experts agree that the use of human tissue is far safer and superior to textbooks, computer simulations or artificial substitutes. That’s where we come in.

Science Care provides human tissue for medical research and training, but we also offer safe, secure medical training facilities and events management… all ultimately benefiting every patient’s quality of life. Science Care offers some of the largest cadaveric training facilities and non-transplant tissue banks in the world.

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Whether you require customized tissue specimen procurement, worldwide delivery, full service medical training event management or professional on-site medical event support services, we can help. Service and quality drive every aspect of our work.  Our goal is your success.  We collaborate with you to truly understand your unique requirements and build solutions to fit your needs. We can procure tissue to meet your customized needs and ship just about anywhere in the world from one of our 6-accredited tissue banks located in California, Arizona, Florida, Colorado, Illinois and Pennsylvania.

The medical research industry has a lot of names for your important work: bioskills labs, cadaver labs, wet labs, surgical labs or mobile labs. Regardless of the name, we just have one question for you. How can we help make your next medical research and training event successful?

Exceeding Client Expectations Every Step of the Way

“…this is what makes us proud to work with a reputable organization such as yours where we try every effort to maximize the donor gift….”

John Bernardes Director of Clinical Simulation (DePuy Synthes Institute)

“…MicroAire has chosen Science Care as our preferred donor specimen provider for all of our tissue needs…the quality of tissue from Science Care is hands down miles above some of the other providers. The tissue we receive from Science Care is always consistent, top quality, and in my opinion deserves bragging rights…in addition to a quality product, your service is some of the best in the industry and Science Care should take great pride in that…it’s always a pleasure to work with you and your team.”

Stephen D. Mellott – Workshop Coordinator and Sales Trainer – Orthopaedic Specialities (MicroAire Surgical Instruments LLC)


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