Ordering Human Tissue – Common Myths and Misconceptions

Ordering Human Tissue – Common Myths and Misconceptions

What can you really expect

As the world’s largest human tissue bank, we work with hundreds of research organizations both domestically and internationally, delivering quality tissue to meet client needs and specifications. We thought it important to dispel a few myths and misconceptions that we often run across from first-time clients requesting tissue. Please check out the videos below and be sure to contact us with any special requests or questions you may have about your tissue needs. Never assume your request will be impossible to deliver!

Last Minute Tissue Orders

“I have a last minute event booking for tomorrow. There is no way I can get the specimen I need. Is there?”

Highly Specialized Tissue Requests

“I need eight, 40-year-old female specimens with intact uterus next week. No problem, right?”

Specimens with a History of Surgery

“I can’t work with a tissue specimen with a history of surgery”

Multi-Specimen Tissue Order Requests

“It’s difficult to fulfill my regular, multi-specimen tissue needs”