Event Management

We Handle the Details So You Can Focus on Training

Customizable Medical Training Event Solutions

Science Care offers exclusive customizable medical training event solutions for any and all aspects of your medical training event. Our events management staff can handle the details – as much or as little as you want – so your primary focus can be delivering training that results in improved performance, competence and better patient outcomes.

  • Risk mitigation
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Nationwide network of qualified facilities
  • Mobile lab event support
  • Local and off-site logistics events management including travel, hotel, catering
  • Qualified personnel to manage and execute your event
  • Customized human tissue to meet your needs

“Excellent services from beginning to end…from booking the event, to the actual event itself. I am very happy with all aspects of Science Care.”

How To Vet a Safe Venue For Your Medical Training Event

There are many factors to consider when choosing a venue to host your medical training event. It is very important that you vet the facility in its entirety prior to booking or proceeding with an event. Doing so not only protects you, but your clients, your tissue provider and the industry as well.


Security Measures

Is the tissue and the lab in a place where there is no risk of public access?

Is there secure storage for any tissue that needs to be maintained overnight?

Are there any windows which can be viewed through the outside by the public and are not draped?

Is there proper security at the door of the event to ensure that only attendees are allowed access to the event area?



How will you coordinate the proper disposal of all bio-waste materials after the lab?

How will the tables and floors be covered to ensure there in no contamination?



Is final disposition coordinated and is there a vendor engaged that can remove the tissue and transport it to the final disposition destination?



Who will be providing PPE’s?


Risk Mitigation

Who will be on-site to accept the tissue?

Who will be packaging the specimens (following the lab) for shipment and / or cremation?

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