What to Expect When Using Human Tissue – Order Process

What to Expect When Using Human Tissue – Order Process

Where do surgeons find fresh tissue for research and training? They work with organizations like Science Care, one of the world’s largest non-transplant tissue banks with 5-accredited locations spread across the U.S. capable of shipping custom procured tissue anywhere in the world. Science Care has assisted numerous surgeons around the globe with procurement of cadaveric tissue for their research and training needs. The company has provided tissue for surgical training and research on numerous procedures such as minimally invasive spine, total joint arthroplasties, cancer research, cochlear implant developments, and advanced drug delivery systems among various others.


Have you ever wondered how this all works?

  • A donor, or their next of kin, will consent to have their body donated directly to Science Care for medical research, education and training.
  • Upon acceptance into the program and clearance of testing & screening for infectious diseases, the tissue is recovered by Science Care for a variety of medical research and education projects.
  • Researchers, surgeons or those in need of human tissue, will contact Science Care to request tissue for their specific training or research needs.
    • Tissue can be requested and supplied in multiple forms
  • Science Care will coordinate the shipment of human tissue to the requestor anywhere in the world using certified anatomical freight forwarders.
    • Tissue is shipped in secure packaging and includes all necessary paperwork including any documents needed for international customs requirements.
  • Once the tissue use is complete, the requestor may dispose of the tissue locally or they may return it to Science Care for final disposition.

The process of ordering human tissue is made easy for you so that you can focus on your research and training and your tissue bank can handle the details.

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