Client Feedback Tissue Research Lab

What Does the Medical Research and Education Community Say About Us?

``We were all very impressed with your company. Everything went perfectly from your end. They were on time, got set up quickly and we accomplished our goals of doing a realistic test before going to market. Abigail and her assistant were great! Thanks for everything.``

``Everything went smoothly - Whitney and Brock were very personable and friendly. They were very willing to help!``

``Tissue always in good shape. Jon Jensen always on top of things - I usually request him for my labs. Jon is excellent lab help - very knowledgeable and works well with reps. docs and scrub teams.``

``The quality of the specimen was the best I have seen. Also the support staff was great!``

``I would like to know where you train and hire your people! They are ALL always so pleasant and great to work with!``

``If it wasn't for the steward help of Joseph and Melissa, I would have been here until 8PM, I really appreciated their help!``

``Stephen is fantastic- I'll email him and have a response within the hour!``

``Morgan does a great job with our order process and makes it easy!``

``Last year Science Care saved my cookies with a last minute order. I was blown away by the service provided by your team. I used to work in customer service and would understand this level of service if I ordered a lot. But because I am an infrequent buyer and still receive this level of service, I give Science Care a 5-star rating and would recommend SC to anyone!``

``Melissa was fantastic to work with- we want her to steward all of our labs!``

``Response time and delivery were great. Specimen was above expectation.``

``Jessica has been great to work with and meets all of our needs!``

``Responsive, knowledgeable, on time, helpful, and fast. I want Joseph on my next lab!``

``Facility clean, stocked, respectful to donor tissue. Love it! You are so focused, no distractions!``

``We love Jennen and her team- they are so great to work with!``

``Quality Samples in very timely manner``

“…this is what makes us proud to work with a reputable organization such as yours where we try every effort to maximize the donor gift….”

“…MicroAire has chosen Science Care as our preferred donor specimen provider for all of our tissue needs…the quality of tissue from Science Care is hands down miles above some of the other providers. The tissue we receive from Science Care is always consistent, top quality, and in my opinion deserves bragging rights…in addition to a quality product, your service is some of the best in the industry and Science Care should take great pride in that…it’s always a pleasure to work with you and your team.”