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About Science Care

Who We Are and What We Stand For

Simply put, Science Care sets the industry standard for whole body donation that families have come to trust. Our commitment to the highest level of ethics and quality of excellence affirms our integrity and dedication to do what’s best for our donors, donor’s families and our community. Science Care serves the U.S. and global medical research and development communities with donation centers across the United States (Los Angeles, Phoenix, Denver, Miami, Chicago and Philadelphia) as well as through our nationwide network of partner lab facilities. As the industry leader, we focus on four key areas:


Our donor evaluation process includes a complete medical and social history of each donor, and safe blood testing to ensure the safety and suitability of the donation. We meet or exceed all OSHA standards, including a hazardous communication plan and stringent training including extensive policies and procedures to ensure compliance and safety.


Science Care was founded in 2000, and has a long history of linking whole body donors with medical researchers and educators, and we actively lobby for responsible non-transplant tissue banking.


We have a highly trained, professional staff, including our licensed medical director. All employees go through a detailed background check before hiring.


We provide outstanding customer support and we respond promptly to all inquires. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week via our toll-free phone line, 800.590.8132.

The History of Science Care

World’s Leading Whole Body Donation Program

Science Care was founded in 2000 with the vision to become the world’s leading whole body donation program. Science Care was the first non-transplant organization to earn accreditation by the American Association of Tissue Banks. We have helped to facilitate the training of thousands of surgeons and physicians at our medical training facilities. We’re headquartered in Arizona, with additional facilities in California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois and Pennsylvania.

Science Care whole body donors have accelerated research on many fronts leading to the development of new medical devices and safer, more effective treatment for patients. At Science Care, we provide the opportunity to make possible donors’ and their families’ wishes to leave a lasting legacy. Our donors know that their last act is a selfless act of giving to improve the welfare of humankind, and that gift provides hope for future generations.

Science Care Leadership

The Executive Staff

Chief Executive Officer & Program Director

Brad O’Connell

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Non-Transplant Anatomic Medical Bank Director

Diane Eklund, MD

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Senior Vice President

Tricia Hammett

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Vice President & CFO

Bobbi Smrtka

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Vice President of Laboratory Operations

Mike Huston

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Vice President of Donor Services

Katrina Hernandez

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Our Promise To You

Recognizing Client Satisfaction

Science Care recognizes client satisfaction is of primary importance to its success. Our client success is a direct reflection of our success. Science Care’s Client Services policy guarantees:

  • Science Care Certified Tissue will meet or exceed our client expectations under all reasonable circumstances
  • Science Care will provide customized options based on individual client requests, under all reasonable circumstances
  • Science Care will set the standard of excellence for all donor screening, document controls, and shipping to ensure the safety and quality of all human tissue specimens
  • Science Care will provide outstanding client support 24/7

Science Care Accreditations and Licenses


Science Care, Inc. Anti-Bribery Policy